Pool Renovations Darwin is locally owned and operated.
“Don’t Replace It Reface It”

Old existing Swimming pools in Darwin need to be re surfaced at least every 10 years
With all the harmful chemicals to keep your water safe is wearing your surface down.



When you have your pool resurfacing done by

Pool Renovations Darwin you are supporting the territory’s local business.
With all our workers from and around Darwin we know and love our city
Currently a team of three we wish to keep your pool blue
With fast responding time, and competitive quotes to our rivals
We stand out by far with using the latest in fibreglassing equipment

From 1995 we have 24 Years with in the Fibreglass Industy, so we know what we are talking about :-)


Materials Used

We keep on record all batch numbers used on our jobs

from the material used. For Osmosis Repair West System Epoxy & West System Filler Powder
For Fibreglassing Resin is Vinyl Ester (Vipel)
Allnex Composites For Our Filler Coat & Top Coatings (Gelcoat) Our surface is sprayed on by the latest equipment in the fibreglassing industry  
Fibreglass Chopper gun From N.J Robinson & Co Pool Renovations Darwin is the only business in the Northen Territory Resurfacing pools with this Equipment.

Dont let other's spray or roll on 2 pack pool paint

this paint dont last (Do your Research).

Terms & Conditions

Before any work is carried out by Pool Renovations Darwin team

a contract Agreement is filled out.

Purpose of contract:
Is to resurface your swimming pool with the manufacturer's resurfacing specifications. Before any work is carried out by Pool Renovations Darwin team, a part payment must be paid. Being of 50 percent of the total quoted price, this insures both parties a legal obligation to be met.
Contract terms and conditions:
The outstanding amount owing is to be paid in full within 14 days, of the Contract. Failure to meet agreements in the contract will result in legal actions and costs will be borne by you, all so work may be postponed to another date if any unforeseen circumstances arises, e.g. Neighbours’ complaints, injury, or weather. & or stock limitations. All work is carried out by Pool Renovations Darwin are to the highest standard. All Water will be pumped out to the road gutter for safety reasons. Warranty on This Product shall be as per Manufacturer’s warranty if warranty is claimed, the Manufacturer is contacted and the representative will have to then advise. Pool Renovations Darwin will Not do any work for free unless under our 12 month Consumer guarantee. All so please choose color carefully from color sample board shown to you at quote, As color is different on screen due to resolution, contrast, saturation and you cannot return the product once applied to your surface which you will have to pay for. any change of color Will require any outstanding moneys owed to be paid in full including the new color choosing and extra Labour¬† to apply the new color.
Manufacturer Warranty:
This Warranty includes the following:
A. Chemical Resistant- Will not significantly deteriorate due to exposure to appropriate swimming pool chemistry conditions.
B. Chalk Resistant- Colors will not chalk. (Oxidise)
C. This product will inhibit growth of mildew on the surface of the sealer film. (Stain resistant does not mean stain proof)
D. Crack Resistant- Although surface cracks are treated with the best expertise available during the installation of the new surface, there is a possibility that
New, or reoccurrences of cracks could occur from movement in the primary substrate itself.
E. Spall Resistant- This product chemically bonds to the surface and is resistant to spalling or delamination.
F. Stain-Resistant. Resists organic stains. (Stain resistant does not mean stain-proof)
Inspection needed at the time of quote & installation; defective substrates; wall structures that are not code-approved and constructed pursuant to all applicable code requirements for that wall structure; previous coatings which have lost adhesion; fire, hail (or other acts of God); vandalism or abuse and/or neglected by the Client ; or, causes other than defects in the materials. This warranty does not cover deterioration, scratches, or wear caused by the user’s post installation of equipment, fittings, furniture, or any other physical abuse of the finish.

Pool Renovations Darwin sets up Tarps and Dust Barrier (Over Head Cover) but are not responsible for any noise, dust pollution emitted from work site. And we don’t carry out Pool Resurfacing in the Wet Season, Due to the Water Table (Pool Popping).so there for Pool Renovations Darwin is not responsible for Pool Popping. And not responsible for any pet’s onsite so please take care of this before we are on site, and not responsible for refilling and chemicals of the pool after job is completed. Please keep water Sanitise in safe levels (PH, FC, TA, CH, and CYA) Failure to comply may void Warranty and Consumer guarantee.
There is no stopping the cancer to fibreglass knowing as Osmosis, (blister/bubbles) so the guarantee dose Not cover recurring Osmosis.

Available Date's 2020
Date Locked Reference 
20-04-2020 Booked (JE008)
27-04-2020 Booked (CA012)
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